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For very small dogs, cats and puppies Chloe’s Home prepared SIENNA bag. Very light and tiny bags are easy to pack and small dogs and cats will fit perfectly to this size.

SIENNA bag from outside it is made from hight quality quilted material whereas inside there is the most soft blanket you could ever touch. Even very delicate skin of the smallest dog or cat will feel the difference and will feel comfortable. Inside there is small pocket where you could hold the most needed things during a walk.

In the bottom, there is special filling that cause your puppy will stable sit or lying.

Also whole for head is a little bit lower than i other bags so that your animal could lie down and see what is happening outside the bag. For the safety reason, inside there is special belt with piton you could attach to your dog or cat for harnesses, colars or blouse with hook so that your animal will not fall from the bag while going with him.

There are two facilities – in the middle of handle there is special material that prevent our shoulder and arms against encroaching and second – there is second, longer belt. We will appreciate it especially during long  trips. This belt is removable.

Bag SIENNA is ideal for very small cats and dogs with maximum 2,5 kg

Size: lenght 38 cm, width 23 cm, high 14 cm

Colour: black

Availability: up to 5 days

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