About us

Welcome to petbutik.pl!

Our history started with a... bowl. One of our cats, Gilbert, kept testing our family’s patience turning every bowl with water upside down and regularly causing a flood in our kitchen. This always gave great joy to our another cat, Harry, who, with his typical charm, continued to spread spilled water leaving paw prints everywhere in the house... So we started looking for such a bowl which couldn’t be turned upside down by our crafty animals. As we enjoy nice design in our interiors, we were looking for something both functional and good looking. It turned out that in this case the Polish market doesn’t have much to offer. Our friends, the owners of two lovely Yorkies, had a similar problem. They wanted to ensure their dogs’ comfort and warmth, but it was very difficult for them to find clothes and accessories which would agree with their taste... so we started to look further. These are the beginnings of petbutik.pl - a store created for your little pets, who - like us - deserve to have beautiful things of the highest quality.

  • In our store you will only find best pet brands, with worldwide reputation for creating best accessories for dogs and cats. We do our best to make our shop’s offer complete, so that you could buy everything your pet needs in one place - from cute bowls, snacks, beautiful leads, harness, collars, jewellery and shampoos to pet clothes in haute couture style. As we think that there’s nothing cuter than little dogs and cats, we hope you can accept our special fondness for the products which are not only stylish and of the highest quality but which also emphasize the cuteness of our pets.
  • We encourage you to visit our shop often - we don’t like monotony, so we change our offer frequently in order to always surprise you with our beautiful products. And most importantly, shopping with us you can be sure that your pets have an access to safe products of the highest quality, as other cats and dogs do in Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo.
  • We hope that both you and your pets will enjoy shopping in our store. Be our guests in the petbutik.pl!