Luxury Jacket For Dog Puppy Angel




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Luxury Jacket For Dog Puppy Angel Luxury Jacket For Dog Puppy Angel Luxury Jacket For Dog Puppy Angel
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Puppy Angel Original Luxury Sports Padded Vest.

Practical, Comfortable:

  • New technology for dog winter jacket named "Faux Down Jacket" - FDJ.
  • Filled with microfibar faux goose down feel lining inside.
  • Anti-Vacteria and Eco-Friendly filling lining. 
  • FDJ support warm and light weight system for dog winter jumper.
  • Perfect warming by big and folding collar part for winter with string and stopper.  
  •  Outer is Puppy Angel S-Tex(TM), PRADA, MONCLER use this material for high-quality lineup.
  • Snap closure in front. 
  • Best fit for belly part with string 

Size: S-L

S: lenght: 24 cm, neck circumference: 23 cm, chest circumference: 36 cm

S/M: lenght: 27 cm, neck circumference: 25 cm, chest circumference: 40 cm

M: lenght: 30 cm, neck circumference: 27 cm, chest circumference: 44 cm

M/L: lenght: 33 cm, neck circumference: 30 cm, chest circumference: 48 cm

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